100% Managed Live Chat Tool for

Insurance Agencies

Live Chat gets more paying clients for your insurance agents. Period.

Save time doing what you do best — closing deals — while we turn your website traffic into revenue for your agency.

You Need a Live Chat tool.

Better Insurance Agency lead generation with Live Conversions


Online Engagement

With live chat enabled on your website we’ll instantly engage and answer initial questions prospects may have about your service. Better customer experience improves the chance they become long-term clients.


Step Ahead of the Competition

With live chat you’re a step ahead of the competition. We’ll instantly engage website visitors, and qualify them to ensure they convert into high-quality Personal Injury leads. Our trained agents ensure we capture the best leads for your legal practice.


24/7 Real Time Leads

We send you leads in real time. You’ll also have access to all of your chat transcripts - even the ones that didn’t convert! Personal Injury Practice’s have to move fast, or risk losing leads to the competition. If you’re not getting real-time leads you’re missing out!

How Does it Work?

When your insurance clients come to your website, they are in need of more info. Studies have shown that most people aren't going to read in-depth articles about insurance on your site. When they see a live, manned chat tool popup, there's a high chance that they will interact with it.

Whether you need leads for final expense, healthcare, Medicare or more, adding a manned chat tool that is managed by real humans is the  logical choice.

Let the Numbers do the Talking


Increase in appts without increasing your ad spend.


Boost in your website conversion rate


lead to sale conversion through better qualified leads

Have Questions? We Have the Answers

How much does it cost?

Our live manned chats are 100% free unless we capture the insurance prospect's name, email and or phone number. They also have to have the INTENT to work with your agency. Any spam or sales people aren't counted.

Can I place on specific pages?

Yes. We recommend adding it to your entire site but if you only want it on your home page or select service pages, you can do that too.

What kind of conversion rate can I expect?

We see an immediate lift sometimes in the arena of 20-30% more conversions within the first few days of adding a live manned chat tool.

What if I only sell to select people?

In the script our chat agents follow, we can weed our the tire kickers or people who are tool old or too young to buy a policy.

We Look Forward to Working Together:-)

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